The 25th annual “Stop the Violence Block Party” got underway in a South Memphis community.

The Tate Avenue gathering attracted a crowd that included big names like music producer Drumma Boy, rapper Gorilla Zoe, former Memphis Grizzlies star Tony Allen, and TV personality Judge Joe Brown.

“I know a place within walking distance where there have been 5 shootings in the last year and a half,” Judge Brown recalled as he pondered on senseless crimes happening in local communities. “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Although a block party, the event was a party with a different meaning.

One of the prime messages: It takes a village.

“It’s a lot of people that’s out here. Where the rest of y’all at,” producer Drumma Boy asked passionately as he urged all fellow Memphians to join him in the cause. “You got to meet us here. You can keep blaming and pointing the finger all you want to, but I’m making change. I can’t do it by myself.”

Former Grizzlies shooting guard Tony Allen also weighed in on possible solutions to saving the youth.

“Gun violence is so high in our community. Just let them know they can be whatever they want to be. Pick up a trade,” said Allen.

For more than two decades, Betty Isom, who resides on Tate Avenue, hosted the event to bring communities together in hopes of finding solutions that replace crime with unity and love.

“It gets all the people from wherever to come together and try to learn how to love on one another,” Isom said. “We want everybody to come together and be as one.”

Despite stormy weather, dozens supported the event that got underway in the the neighborhood; all for the same mission, to support and highlight the youth.

Young performers like Money Paid Mike took the stage to honor the memory of slain Memphis rapper Young Dolph with his song entitled Long Live Dolph.

“Kids are not supposed to be scared about going out and having fun,” the 9-year-old rapper told FOX13. “They have got traumatized from the things that happened.”

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