Bringing Hope & Change to the MidSouth

BLOC Squad is committed to the improving of lives, providing opportunities, and building better communities. Through various initiatives we are achieving more success than we could dream of!


Our Mentoring provides a source of guidance, inspiration, and direction from those familiar.


Intervention is the first step in prevention of escalation and destruction. Our teams mission is to help before it’s too late.


Our Community Outreach program stretches across the Mid-South in many diverse areas.

Impacting the Mid-South

Outreach Opportunities

BLOC Squad works to maintain a presence where encouragement, intervention, and outreach can happen. Find out what BLOC is up to!


Violence is NOT the Answer

Our programs and services are directed on the path of Non-Violence in the community. We're diving deep into the community to press this into the culture.

For the Next Generation

Guidance for Success

Our legacy is built on how we help raise the next generations. BLOC Squad has programs designed to help youth in need of direction to successful paths.

Help Impact your Community

Join the B.L.O.C. Squad today.

Do you have a passion to invest into your community and help others in need towards a successful pathway in life? Click below to submit an application to join the BLOC Squad.


Where is the B.L.O.C. Located?

The B.L.O.C. consists of 12 target areas, within 6 quadrants of the Memphis Area.

What is being done to reduce violence in Memphis?

Countless efforts are in place to prevent and combat violence. The B.L.O.C. mentors and offers resources that will challenge them to grow educationally, financially, and mentally.

How can I get involved with the B.L.O.C. Squad?

The B.L.O.C. is always looking for committed resources to assist in the mission towards anti-violence! You can become part of this effective team by registering at the link below!